The Power it takes to Succeed

I always thought humility meant that I was to be humiliated. But according to a recent lesson from Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church, this is the idea: “God is opposed to the proud but he gives grace to the humble” – James 4:6

“To be humble does not mean to think less of yourself, it means to think of yourself less” – CS Lewis.

From the devotional: Here are 15 signs of true humility:

1. You are teachable.

2. You are influenceable.

3. You can be corrected without defending yourself.

4. You rejoice when others are celebrated.

5. No job is too small for you.

6. You don’t have to be right.

7. You naturally seek the advice of others.

8. You actually do pray.

9. You freely admit your flaws, mistakes, and failures.

10. You live to help others succeed.

11. You aren’t entitled.

12. You are patient.

13. You don’t promote yourself.

14. You let other people have a better story than yours.

15. You honor other people when they are talking.

Brian Regan “I Walked on The Moon” regarding letting others have the better story
Kris Vallotton at Bethel Church in Redding, CA
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Snacks with a Twist” is Nay’s Snack Food site.

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