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How to Get that Dream Job – Question by John Hanson

Customer Experience Expert John Hanson asks a great question today, “In a job interview, how does one go about differentiating oneself to get the best chance to win that job. It’s a dream job. How do they do that without coming off as desperate?” My answer will take you to a place you didn’t expect: entertainment. It’s more important to be “Distinctive” than “Differentiated”. I reference Scott McKain‘s Book “Create Distinction

What Vision is and what it does

Terry discusses the doubts that come up any time we ask or seek who we are and who God says we are.  Then, he describes what vision is and begins the discussion of how to get a good, clear picture of our future. George Barna says: “Vision is a clear and precise mental portrait of a preferable future, imparted by God to His chosen servant, based on an accurate understanding of God, self, and circumstances.”