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Who Does Wealth Belong To?

First, an admission that I came to the conclusion that the title of the current series should be “Ten Values We Can Agree On For America”. I had been saying “things” instead of “values” and I think Values is much more descriptive.

So, who does wealth belong to? My proposal is that it belongs to those who generate it. Whether it’s a five-figure income or a million-dollar inheritance, I think that it’s not up to the government to divide that money equally.

Let me know what you think.

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Giving is Good for You – Part 3

Luke 6:38 has been the basis for the last three episodes. We’ve talked about why you should give, that you should expect a return and, on today’s episode, I talk about how the return is determined. It’s important to keep in mind that giving is a flow and stopping the flow at the beginning or the end will yield unneeded difficulties.

Giving is Good for You – Part 2

Luke 6:38 is the basis for our podcast last episode and this one. I talk about why we give, the importance of receiving as part of the process and who determines the return.  This week I teach about how much we get back and why it is an error to not expect a return.

God has a plan for you, and we’re here to help you find it

What are You Reading? How What You Read Makes Your Life Complete – Episode 2

In This Episode, Terry continues the discussion of how important what you allow into your mind is to your life by discussing great history and spiritual growth books he’s read

Amity Shlaes “The Forgotten Man

David McCullough “The Path Between the Seas

John Fischer “Fearless Faith

John Mason “An Enemy Called Average

Todd Weaver “Overflowing Success

Leif Hetland “Called to Reign

Kris Vallotton “Poverty, Riches and Wealth

Gary Keesee “Financial Revolution Series

God has a plan for you, and we’re here to help you find it