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One of the things that troubles me most is Cancel Culture. There are some that say it’s a social construct, but every time anyone wants to cause someone else to be silenced, it indicates that the person wanting the other to be silenced sees themselves ostensibly as infallible. That sets up the person wanting the silence for failure. I explain my thought in this week’s podcast.

Marketing, Media and Focus – with John and Angel Ondo and Nay Dismore

John and Angel Ondo join us for a great discussion about how to handle customers and keep them focused, and Angel tells us about multitasking from a female perspective. John owns Ondo Media, Angel bakes at Angel’s Custom Cupcakes and Nay is Hospitality Queen and Chief Snaddict at Snacks with a Twist and you can find Angel and John’s have an entertaining and informative podcast: Marketing, Media and Cupcakes