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Who Does Wealth Belong To?

First, an admission that I came to the conclusion that the title of the current series should be “Ten Values We Can Agree On For America”. I had been saying “things” instead of “values” and I think Values is much more descriptive.

So, who does wealth belong to? My proposal is that it belongs to those who generate it. Whether it’s a five-figure income or a million-dollar inheritance, I think that it’s not up to the government to divide that money equally.

Let me know what you think.

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We are A Nation of Laws, not Men…

It’s appalling how out of control the justice system seems these days. One of the things in my list of Ten Things We Can Agree on as Americans is what John Adams said about our fledling government, “We are a Government of Laws, not Men.” A truly free and prosperous country cannot have the disparity we see in our legal system and survive.

Giving is Good for You – Part 3

Luke 6:38 has been the basis for the last three episodes. We’ve talked about why you should give, that you should expect a return and, on today’s episode, I talk about how the return is determined. It’s important to keep in mind that giving is a flow and stopping the flow at the beginning or the end will yield unneeded difficulties.