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10 Values We Can Agree on for America

We often allow our opposition to define us. This is not healthy for us or for them, as it tends to relegate our conversation to an “us and them” status. On this week’s podcast, I begin a multi-podcast look at some Values I think we should agree on so that we might maintain our republic. Let me know what you think as well.

Here are the 10 Things:

  • We are a sovereign nation
  • We are a nation of laws, not men
  • Our rights are protected by, but not granted by the government
  • Citizens are the supreme inhabitants of this nation
  • Our government should operate within its means
  • All people are created equal
  • The Constitution of the United States is to be followed by and protected by our elected officials
  • All government workers serve the people
  • Wealth belongs to those who generate it
  • We are a representative republic

Don’t Tell Me What to Do! Part Deux!

A few months ago, I did an episode about the desire for others to tell us what to do. It focused on the desire for those in authority to instruct us on what to do. In this episode, I bring specific thoughts and ideas to the problem. It’s no longer right for us to be silent when we know we are being deceived. As a matter of fact, it never was!